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Update Your Home’s Hardscape with our Residential Paving Services

Tired of your driveway cracking and fading? Receive expert residential paving services from our company in Naples, NY. Quinn Paving has been providing the same great residential paving services and repairs to the area for more than 50 years.

Residential Paving

Quinn Paving’s residential work consists predominately of paving and repaving driveways, patios, parking areas, and walkways as well as interfaces to these paved surfaces. Our work speaks for itself since previously satisfied contractors and property owners refer much of our residential work to us.

Asphalt Repairs

The important thing to remember about asphalt repairs is if you fix it now, it will cost less later. Asphalt is a flexible, hard surface material, which moves and expands with the weather, and at some point, it breaks.

When this happens, it doesn’t just go away, fix itself or heal. Asphalt will continue to break, making potholes, which will cause damage to vehicles, and worst of all, people.

Services for Repairs

Before we begin any work, we will assess your needs and respond quickly to apply a temporary patch to reduce your liability.

We will also schedule the larger repairs as soon as possible to reduce your continuing costs of repairs.


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